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AFLAC - ACM Commercial

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KIA - One To Watch - Episode 104

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KIA - The One To Watch

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AML Bitcoin
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T-Mobile / BBMA

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Ford / ACM

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The More You Know

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The More You Know

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Kohls - The Voice - Intro

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Kohls - The Voice - Denim

Tennessee Lottery
T-Mobile with Kesha & Macklemore
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Stanley Morse is the son of his two parents (true story).

Born in 1960s Detroit to an African American, world class jazz musician father who played with Duke Elington, Tommy Dorsey, and Horace Heidt, and a Croatian, english professor mother, Stanley was blessed with a multi-cultural balance to what was, back then, still a black-and-white world.

Speaking honestly, Stanley excelled at not one sport! But it was never through lack of effort, bless his little soul. However, music? And language? And the arts? There was the perfect fit.

Stanley’s father’s performances kept the family moving from Detroit to Indianapolis and Minnesota. But finally, roots were laid in Canton, Ohio. (Home of the pro football Hall of Fame which Stanley was never allowed to enter.)

After high school, Stanley decided to serve his country and joined the U.S. Army. After his honorable discharge, Stanley enrolled at Kent State University and eventually traveled to the bigger Texas skies and attended the University of Houston.


 Post-college, Stanley started down the actor’s path that began in community theater and evolved into professional theatre.In 1994, his love of improvisation comedy drove him to co-found the improvisational theater “Cabaret Dada” in Cleveland, Ohio and performances still continue over 24 years later.

In 1998, he felt Los Angeles calling, and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, not exactly. The acting, led to the need to eat, which led to a Production Assistant job, which led to a 2nd Second Assistance Director job, which led to a 1st Assistance Director job, and eventually, led to membership in the hallowed DGA. But along that journey, also directing spots, segments and promos for: 2018 Billboard Music Awards, 2018 ACM Awards, 2017 NBC World of Dance; 2016 NBC Fall Primetime Preview; 2016 Billboard Music Awards; NBC’s: Celebrity Apprentice, The Voice, and “The More You Know” PSA campaign; Kia, T-Mobile, 23 and Me, AFLAC, Subaru, Kohls, Coors Light, AT&T and the Tennessee Lottery - which merited Stanley a prestigious Addy Award.

Stanley lives in his Silver Lake, CA home with his two dogs, Daisy and Max, and an always growing collection of Cleveland Browns memorabilia. (You gotta believe!)

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