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Everyday Car Guy is a weekly show that includes car review / how to use tech items in new cars and test drive feedback from an EVERYDAY person’s point of view and opinion. The show is NOT too technical and we keep the rundown simple, going over the options that most people need and use in an easy to understand breakdown of each automobile.  For example, we do not compare the handling capabilities of a mini van since people do not buy mini vans to race in slalom courses, but breakdown the functionality of the mini van.  So many car magazines and car shows focus on handling traits and don’t see the broader picture of how the buyer will use that vehicle everyday.


Three additional segments include travel, restaurant suggestions and the history of transportation.  Most people use their car to go places.  Our three segments find interesting places to visit and places to eat.  An additional

segment will be focused on the history of cars and other

forms of transportation.




Everyone that rents or buys a car wants to know which model should they chose and then how to use that specific car and what accessories does it have.  There are so many different reasons for chosing a particular car, from where you live to how large your family is, to budget and economy.


Finding the right car can be hard to chose.   Everyday Car guy will try to show  diverse fleet of cars  that are available for a plethora of budgets, 

to fit whatever your personal needs may be.




Going back to the early 1900’s and the Model T, the early acceptance of the automobile meant freedom.  Freedom to travel further and visit more places.  As the auto industry developed, so did the roads and highways.  Today, cars allow us to go all over the country at our leisure and on our schedule.


So an added element of Everyday Car Guy will be the places to go with your car and unique restaurants in each area.  From traveling to Orlando to visit theme parks or  visiting a national park, every trip has it’s own story and

there’s a different car for each story.

IMG_6845 2.HEIC



Since the automobile has been a part of our history for over 125 years, we would include visits to local museums, especially ones that focus on the history of transportation.  There are automobile, aviation and train museums all over the country along with additional private collections and most will be happy to open their doors for free promotion.  What better way to show the history of transportation than to talk to docents and museum curators about specific exhibits that they

display and learn about the history of transportation.  



We would like to team up with a rental car company and hotel chain to help sponsor the show.  Car rental facilities are at every major airport and in every corner of the United States. If we can team up with a rental car company and hotel chain, we can reduce the cost of each production.  Just by showing us renting cars from a rental facility they would get free advertising and help promote their rand.  


Each episode would start with our host, Mark K. entering a rental facility in a different city .  He is greeted by  a friendly team member who helps him get his car.  In some episodes, Host Mark has a car in mind, in other episodes,  the team member surprises Mark with a specific car that  is fits with their location or part of the country.  


Throughout the episodes, Host Mark K will reference how helpful the team  member was and thank our friends at the rental car company for letting us use their cars.  



Show Breadown


Entering a rental car facility and picking a car.  The show will start with establishing shots of the car facility and show the inter action between the customer(Host) and the team member as we pick out a car.


At a picturesque location, we will do a breakdown of the car,  Host Mark K talks about his subjective feelings for the car, looks, style, interior and exterior and discuss that car’s options. We will intercut slow motion beauty shots of the car from many angles of the interior and exterior.


  In the Driving review – Mark will take the car out and discuss ride, handling, accessories, gas mileage, ergonomics, etc.  Shots include Mark driving and talking from the interior, car to car shots of the vehicle and drive by shots of the car.


Tie in with location – our production team will work with different tourism boards and  find  interesting places to visit at each location throughout the United States.  Some of these can be suggested by the Enterprise team member or Enterprise can suggest places that they would like us to feature to “drive” customers to a particular part of the country.  

This will be treated like a Rick Steves  travel show.  We will include museums and talk to docents, or state and national parks and hiking  or ski areas and other exciting places to discuss.  The list is endless. 


Tied in with the location tour, we will introduce some themed restaurant – either coffee house or lunch places.  All locations and restaurants will be suggested from an “Everyday Person”, so most people will be able to access locations or restaurants without spending an arm and a leg.


Exploring a local museum and talking to the museum’s docent or curator about their specific exhibits and how it ties into the theme of transportation.  



The report card breaks down  Host Mark’s opinions of the car in 5 categories:






The show will end with a very quick review, a nod of  thanks to all that contributed to that episode.   Where should we go next ?  We end with a teaser of the next episode and where we will visit.



Everyday Car Guy has a style that combines the slick film quality of a high end car commercial and documentary style of a travel show.  We have a team of award winning directors of photography and professional sound technicians to insure the highest of quality to the production.  We will photograph the exteriors and interiors of each car with a cinematic/commercial style, showing  the car’s details inside and out.  Each location, restaurant and museum will have majestic cutaway shots that will entice the viewer to visit. 



Everyday Car Guy is a simple show and we want to keep it simple.  Production will be guided by  Mark K – as  Producer, Director and Host.  We will add a Director Of Photography,

2nd camera operator,  sound person and a production supervisor to help with travel and locations.  We have award winning editors and graphics designers to insure the highest quality show.

Cars would be rented or supplied by a rental facilty in each city.  We would film two to three days per city.  

We propose starting with 24 shows, releasing one per week, each approximately 25 minutes in length.  The budget for each show would be vary due to location, travel costs and obtaining car rental airline and hotel sponsorship assistance.



Mark Kalbfeld and Frames Per Second Productions has been producing television specials, commercials, music videos and promos for over 30 years.  He has traveled and filmed in over 38 states and Canada, Europe and Australia.  He has produced many car commercials and knows how to shoot cars and can do it for less money than anyone.  He has been a car enthusiast since he was young and feels that most car magazines and car shows focus on  more expensive and exotic cars.  This program is for everyday people and their needs and cars that the general public would drive.  We want to show different cars that everyone can afford, not the exotics such as Ferraris and Lambourginis.  And visit places that are in just about everyone’s budget.


Everyday Car Guy is all about the journey, learning about specific automobiles and places to go with those cars.  So come along for the ride to discover new places people and how to get there.  


For Proof of Concept, please visit:

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